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Undergraduate Scholarship Program for Individuals from Disadvantaged Backgrounds

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

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How to apply...

Application Procedure:

Application, a signed contract, and other required information (as listed in the application packet) are submitted to the Program office. Once an application package is received by the administering Program Office, preliminary eligibility will be determined and highly qualified applicants will be interviewed. Final determination of awards will be made upon review by the Undergraduate Scholarship Program Committee at a regularly scheduled meeting.

Note: Each program will indicate whether applications are to be submitted to the Federal headquarters, regional or local office, or to a State or local government office.

Award Procedure:

Priority will be given to applicants who are prior recipients. The NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Program Committee will review, rank, and approve or disapprove applications submitted for program participation. Criteria which determine competitive ranking for awards may include: (1) career goal in biomedical/biobehavioral research; (2) academic performance; and (3) letters of recommendation. A student's financial need alone does not affect selection. Applicants approved for award will be notified by the Program Director. The Secretary, and his/her designee will sign the service contract of approved applicants, provide a copy to the participant and under graduate institution notice of approved award amount. Scholarship payments, including room and board, books, fees and transportation are made to the college or university for dispersal.

Note: Grant payments may be made by a letter of credit, advance by Treasury check, or reimbursement by Treasury check. Awards may be made by the headquarters office directly to the applicant, an agency field office, a regional office, or by an authorized county office. The assistance may pass through the initial applicant for further distribution by intermediate level applicants to groups or individuals in the private sector.